......is currently a Hard Rock/Metal band led by founding member  JT Harris out of Toronto Canada that was "reborn"  in 2013. 

The album "Judgement Day" was released that year and featured Darren James Smith (Harem Scarem) on lead vocals and Alexis Von Kraven (Moxy) on drums. After being played on radio stations around the world, the album started to receive solid reviews from the music industry and made quite a buzz in the local Toronto music scene. Unfortunately,  only a handful of shows were performed to promote the album after it was officially released as Darren was selected to be the exclusive lead vocalist to Jake E Lee's new band : Red Dragon Cartel.   JT and Alexis were extremely happy for Darren but they now had a brand new album with no lead singer.  

 Of course, bad luck after an album release was nothing new for Heavens Fire.  On the same day of their first 37min release entitled "The Outside" back in 2000, the band lost their original drummer Mike Mackinnon in a tragic accident while JT and his dad went on to contract cancer just a year after that. Despite given months to live, JT managed to beat cancer, recover within a year and has been healthy ever since. His dad however was not so lucky as the cancer treatments forced him to be confined to his bed for his final years on earth.  Despite having written half the material for the next album,  JT was now the only member left as the last remaining member quit the band in 2002. At that point, JT decided to stop touring and help provide home care for his father. He kept Heavens Fire alive through his website with plans of finishing the 2nd album and returning to the stage one day. By the end of 2011 and after mourning the loss of his father, JT decided it was time to fully resurrect Heavens Fire! 

On October 13th 2017, Heavens Fire released their 3rd studio album “Playing With Fire” on CD and the “Children of the Storm” music video in support of the new album.