After 5 years, I, JT Harris, have YET to be found guilty of ANYTHING but it's finally OVER! The Courts have ruled in my favour and so has the Canadian Intellectual Property Office:

-Nov 2015 - Andy Narsingh was ordered to pay me over $22,000 in damages for SOCAN registrations he was NOT entitled to, Trademark/Copyright infringement including performing Heavens Fire songs under the band name "Heavens Fire" and his current band name "Honor First"

-Mar 2016 - "HEAVENS FIRE" trademark was awarded to me for registration by CIPO and the name dispute was officially over

-April 2016 -Andy Narsingh found guilty of breach, our agreement was completely thrown out and NO LONGER legally binding!!

NOV 2016 - Andy Narsingh sued and ordered to pay over $25,000 in damages related to copyright and trademark infringement to JT Harris 

-NV 2016 -  Andy Narsingh sued and ordered to pay over $25,000 in damages related to copyright and trademark infringement to JT Harris after several failed attempts to sabotage the Heavens Fire band. It got so bad the Police had to be called and he was ordered to stay away from JT Harris

-Sept 2017 Andy Narsingh's and Billy McNicol's claim against me were both dismissed due to excessive delay and despite what they say, a trial has NEVER taken place yet alone a judge finding me guilty of ANYTHING....EVER!!

- Sept 2017 Both Andy an Billy filed the identical claim AGAIN in an attempt tp drag out the lawsuit as long as possible

********Heavens Fire trial finally came to an end 
and I still continue to own everything************

“And the truth, shall set you free!” - Jim Carey ( Liar Liar )

It was indeed “Judgement Day” on January 22nd 2019 for two people who got a VERY harsh reality check that was LONG overdue!! Contrary to what you may or may not have been told, there's never been an actual trial........until now! 

Former Heavens Fire bassist Andy Narsingh ( “Ayden Jacobs Project” ) and former 1994 - 2003 “ARSIN” band manager Billy McNicol, made 3 attempts to sue me since Andy was fired from the band in 2014. Although they didn’t deserve it for many reasons, like the fact Andy’s telling people I lied about ever having cancer, they finally got a 4 day trial at the tax payers expense to tell their ridiculous story of alleged sabotage, Trademark/Copyright theft and passing off worth $200,000.00? The judge presiding made the following conclusions: 

- Their stories of the band’s past DO NOT match and there was not even a single IOTA of evidence of actual losses

- Mr Harris gave proper notice and opportunity for opposition before he legally registered the trademark in 2016

-The Heavens Fire trademarks and Judgement Day album copyrights are STILL registered to Mr Harris to this day and thus he cannot be in breach of his own registrations nor can this court overrule that FACT.

-Mr Harris holds all the rights and makes NO misrepresentation to the public or anyone else. 

-The debt to Mr Harris has NOT been paid thus his financial agreement has NOT come into force

-HF Music is NOT a party to any agreement with Mr Harris thus cannot own any of Mr Harris’ creations 

-Mr Harris can remain a member of Heavens Fire for as long as he chooses and cannot be fired or removed from the company 

************Clean sweep!!! THANK YOU JUDGE!!**********

Further more, Andy and Billy testified the contracts they gave me to sign gave them the rights to:

- Judgement Day songs and recordings 
- the authority to fire me 
- social media pages
- domain name
- perform my music as Heavens Fire without me on guitar and choose the band members themselves 

....and again, they were WRONG just like we’ve been saying all along!!!

Thanks to the Superior Court of Canada, it’s no longer just “my side” of the story. It is officially a legal FACT, public record, open and truthful for all to see!!!! It was amazing how upset and emotional they were during the proceedings yet the whole time did not possess even the tiniest bit of evidence to prove anything they were saying? How is that possible you ask? Because in small claims court, they don’t check if someone even has a solid reason to sue. I could sue Micky Mouse tomorrow if I wanted and I would still get a claim number!! 

A little history first: 

For the past 5 years, these two narcissistic parasites have created an online circus in relation to the band Heavens Fire and even went as far as creating a second Heavens Fire FB page which TRULY made us all look like morons! They were “SCREAMIN” at the top of their lungs to my friends, family, fans, promoters, venue owners etc etc… and pretty well much EVERY SINGLE BAND I perform with, that in the summer of 2014, I screwed over Heavens Fire investors for $200,000 I’ve been black balled and I’m going to jail for theft? Apparently I did this by stealing the band name and it’s music after 20 years of use simply by registering the trademark behind their backs an hour before they had the chance too?? Lies, lies and more lies! We actually all applied for the name but unlike patents, it doesn’t matter who applies first for a trademark. What matters is actually use of the mark which is why all their HF related applications were denied and mine was allowed in Mar of 2016. 

The infamous Screamin’ video: 

They claimed my motive for sabotage was that I didn’t like the way I looked in the Screamin’ video so because of that, I proceeded to sabotage the band? Really? I spent 50k on gear to build my home studio and pay for other studio time to record Judgement Day, then sabotage the project because apparently I don’t like what I look like? Didn’t I already know what I looked like playing guitar? So ok…sure…. I sabotage the band and then 2 years later, invest ANOTHER 50k writing/recording a new album and shooting not one but four supporting videos??? Does that sound like sabotage? Do ANY of these stories make sense? 

Speaking of videos, another interesting and laughable note was their paralegal practically BEGGING the judge to force me to show the first Screamin’ video I had created as he claimed Andy really needed it to help his career? Well then perhaps he should not have been stealing from Frontier’s records! What many people don’t know is after the Screamin” video was shot, I found out Andy Narsingh took the first Heavens Fire album which belongs to frontier’s records, rebranded it as the “Andy Narsingh EP” and was selling it on iTunes. He also lifted pictures off the legendary Canadian recording studio Phase One website ( Hendrix, Zeppelin, Whitesnake ) and posted them on his Demera Media domain pretending that those were his facilities. He then copied and pasted their Studio D equipment list yet somehow the words “Studio D” and “Phase One” were conveniently missing from that list. That was illegal, the last straw and Andy was finally terminated. He then DESPERATELY kept posting the Screamin’ video every where he could AFTER he was fired from the band so yeah, of course we didn’t want it shown with him in it and it was removed time and time again since it wasn’t his property. 

And this whole “JT is not a team player thing” is not only B.S. but meaningless. First of all, song ownership has NOTHING to do with your attitude, personality or anything else. IF you wrote it, THEN and ONLY then do you own it unless someone else paid you to write it for them as I paid Darren to write lyrics for me….simple! Secondly, I AM a team player but at what point did this turn into Andy’s team where he tells US what to do? Never did…….never will!
I decide who is in the band and what role they will play, not Billy McNicol and DEFINITELY not Andy Narsingh who was actually my EMPLOYEE during the recordings! These are just some of the reasons that inspired the Judge to say, and I quote: “ I find it ironic they created a new band named “Honor First.” … 

Well speaking of irony and being a team player….

Unfortunately, in 2013 I also made the BIGGEST mistake of my professional musical career by hiring Andy Narsingh to market Heavens Fire. So what did this “team” player do? 

1) The very first video he released of our first live Heavens Fire gig, showed him in centre frame while I wasn’t shown at all in THE ENTIRE VIDEO!! WTF?? No, I’m not kidding!! NOT A SINGLE SHOT OF ME!!! Who does that to his alleged best friend, the guy who completely funded the album and the guitarist of a Metal “guitar shred” style of band………..but wait, it gets better! 

2) The first BIO “Mr Team Player” posted for the band after the Judgement Day album was released, only talked about: 

- Andy Narsingh 
- what Andy Narsingh’s been up to since 2001
- Andy Narsingh’s artwork that he designed for a different album in 2000
- Andy Narsingh’s attempt to reform Arsin with his former guitarist 
- and of course…..Andy Narsingh taking credit for re-activating Heavens Fire in 2013?

Does that sound like a team player to you? He wasn’t even fighting with the band members yet but regardless…no mention of me, Alexis Von Kraven or even a multiple gold record contributor Darren James Smith!! How the hell to you write a Heavens Fire BIO in 2013 and NOT mention Darren James Smith in on the record?? 

Even more trickery and abuse of the legal system:

Like we weren’t shocked enough at their desperation, they actually resorted to submitting expired “homemade” trademark applications disguised as current legally binding registered trademarks, then claimed MINE were fraudulent? I kid you not!!! They’re EXTREMELY lucky they weren’t charged for perjury during this trial! 

But what disappointed me most? After I pointed out that Billy’s 1998 Arsin contract expired in 2003, what was Billy’s response? “I secretly renewed the contract so it lasts forever and was not required to tell you.” Wow….that’s what you do friend who almost died of cancer, came back and trusted you again huh? You agree to 10% then try and take 100%? It’s not my fault the contract THEY GAVE ME written by THEIR LAWYER didn’t give them the power to take over my band and the new music 20 years later so why were they so upset and trashed my name for 5 years straight? Where’s my apology as CLEARLY THEY WERE WRONG about them owning anything as I just proved it, in a court of law! 
After Sanderson Law sent them a Cease and Desist letter, they hired an excellent IP Lawyer to investigate. Because of that, I don’t believe for one minute they honestly just “didn’t know” that they didn’t own the band name, my music or anything else they claimed for that matter. I’m truly convinced they knew that all along and just didn’t care judging by their actions and all the lies they both told on the stand. What made it even MORE disgusting was hearing their paralegal on the last trial day tell them not to worry, they can still try something else? What the hell do they mean try something else? I thought this was about getting to the truth and we just did that! No OTHER Judge will read their expired 1998 contract and disagree with our findings so of course they don’t care about the truth or doing what’s right. They just want my music and although I am extremely flattered the lengths they went to “acquire” it and how they feel their lives are incomplete without it…….the answer is still NO!! 

Write your OWN music, 
record your OWN album, 
shoot your OWN videos,
come up with your OWN band name!

The label created that name in the late 90s to be used by the band, not by the manager. I worked VERY hard to have that album created and I earned the right to call the shots because of that fact unlike them who just try and take credit for other people’s work. I have agreements in writing from everyone that joined HF that states it’s my band and it goes as I say it goes. Regardless, one of the last things Billy told me was “I’m booking shows and you better show up or I’m replacing you on guitar and going forward without you.” When I pointed out he can’t legally do that because of our contract he said “ You think that stupid piece of paper’s gonna stop me?”

Since I haven’t gotten my apology yet, I can only assume they will continue telling people that somehow I scammed them again and that they are STILL the victim. When this all started, they threatened to start a website and upload all the court info on there. Well, careful what you wish for because I may just do that if I continue to get harassed going forward. Since it’s now very clear I did nothing wrong, I would actually prefer they man up, do the RIGHT THING, publicly apologize and make efforts to undo the damage they caused to my name and Heavens Fire. If not then the truth hasn’t taught them anything and I will have no choice but to HIGHLY advise all my friends and fellow musicians to stay FAR, FAAAAAR AWAY from them. ESPECIALLY any original artists as Andy is DYING to get his hands on people’s material to pass off as his own. There is NOTHING wrong with hosting a jam nights and playing covers…..nothing…. but unfortunately, Andy really needs to stop pretending he’s a song writer let alone a Judgement Day song writer and move on with his life. If he’s a song writer then why hasn’t he performed any of these songs with the band claiming to be “ the real Heavens Fire, Honor First? 5 years and not even a SINGLE SONG released by that band while I’m finishing off my 3rd album in that same time frame.

I would now like to take the time to thank everyone who stood by me through this horrific time in my life. Amanda Schumacher……who was the loudest voice by far despite the fact she was threatened/bribed by Bully McNicol to hand over the Heavens Fire social media passwords in an attempt to remove me from the pages. She stood her ground and told him where to go! I would also like to thank my family, my bandmates, the fans especially our biggest fan Nancy Santa Maria Carlo, Sanderson Law and The Gowlings Law Firm but most of all Allyson. Regardless of our relationship status, she always promised she would be there for me and Heavens Fire in anyway we needed her and witnessed first hand all the deception, trickery, court abuse, stall tactics and all out childish STUPIDITY that was displayed by those two……life forms. 

God bless you all and the REAL Heavens Fire