Maxel Black, pro vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist is known for his powerful voice and captivating live presence. Formally front man for PENETRATOR, Maniacal & Mastery he was nominated by the H.M.D in 2005 as BEST FRONT MAN OF THE YEAR. After flirting between various cover and original bands Maxel's first demo breakthrough came with Mastery in 2002. He co-wrote the music with guitarist Marcus Armeliini and they invited music guests bassist John Mamone of Dragonfly and guitarist Andrew Roudny of Blackhour to play on all the tracks of The Triad.
During his career in Maxel shared the stage with such acts as Honeymoon Suite, Prism, Econoline Crush. Lynch Mob, Killer Dwarfs, Gus G, Moxy, Deven Townsend Project, Kittie, John Corabi, Vince Neil, Darren James Smith, Razor, The Bullet Boys, Tom Keiffer, Anvil, Cryptopsy, Eidolon, Death By Stereo, Protest The Hero, Self Inflicted, Kamelot, Seven Witches, , Exciter, Lee Aaron, One Bad Son, Overloaded, Arise and Ruin (then known as Pure Blank),

Maxel collaborated with Toronto guitarist Bess Ross whom he was introduced to at a Dio concert. They decided to get together to work on a new music project. Before they knew it PENETRATOR was born. The bands material was written with lightning speed and people were soon pounding on the door to get into the rehearsal space. In the spring of 2004, Penetrator recorded the demo Unleash the Fury which received rave reviews worldwide. Penetrator later inked a worldwide distribution deal with the Greek label Sonic Age Records.

Since 2011 Maxel has been working with band THE BLACKNESS. a self written collection of musical songs and works that reinvents stadium Hard Rock and Metal for the modern age. In the fall of 2012 the band recorded their EP at Eclipse Studios in Mississauga, Ontario. Produced by Glen Drover ex Megadeth ex King Diamond,  Eidolon guitarist. Mastered by Rick Plester of Black Symphony ex Kottack ( James Kottack - Scorpions drummer) Black Symphony, Mandy Lion, Blaise Bayley ( Iron Maiden).

Born and raised in Toronto Canada and playing bass since age 14, RC is no stranger to the Hard Rock/Metal music scene. He has shared the stage with musicians that have played for Journey, Y&T, Molly Hatchet and Pat Travers. His thunderous bass tone both live and in the studio brings a new dimension sonically not previously heard on any Heavens Fire record and compliments JT's guitar tone beautifully.  RC is also a very strong song writer and lyricist as can be heard on his solo project ToxSyn. Many years ago, RC shared the stage with JT for the first time in the Van Halen tribute 5150 where they displayed a natural chemistry together. They are now reunited and ready to tour once again! 

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Born and raised in Toronto Canada,  founding member  JT Harris  surprisingly did not start his musical journey on guitar.  His first instrument was in fact the double bass. At age 11, he studied classical music while helping his school win several Kiwanis Festival competitions. By age 16,  JT had bought his first guitar and his first Marshall JCM800. There was no looking back after that! 

In the year 2000, the first Heavens Fire album featured 2 songs he had written but the project was put on hold after original drummer, Mike MacKinnon passed away on it's release date. More tough times were to come as  JT had contracted cancer a year later along with his father. After beating cancer and a 7 year absence from touring due to providing home care for his now bedridden father,  JT hit the stage once again as he performed with some of the top cover bands in Toronto.  By 2013 he completed writing recording all the music to the first full length Heavens Fire album entitled "Judgement Day" with the follow up record "Playing With Fire" released in 2017. He is currently writing the music to the upcoming album "Poetic Justice" due for a 2020 release.

JT Harris shreds on Jackson/ESPguitars, Mesa Boogie amps, Fractal Audio, TC Electronic, BBE, Ernie Ball strings and D-Addirio guitar picks. 

Born and raised in Mexico City,  Alexis Von Kraven has produced, performed and recorded with different artists across the globe. His main influence has always been European speed and power metal drumming  combined with Latin rhythms and other different musical styles. In 2010, AVK was awarded 3rd place in Toronto's Fastest Drummer competition and in 2014 rejoined HEAVENS FIRE after a year of absence due to differences with a past member.  Later on that year,  JT Harris had retaken the leadership of the band and restored it's level of professionalism making the decision of AVK's return extremely easy. The second album "Playing with Fire" arrived just in time to seal the alliance between JTH & AVK and promises to be their best one to date!

‚ÄčAlexis uses and abuses: Zildjian Cymbals Mapex Drums Los Cabos Drumsticks Evans Drumheads D'Addario Accessories Puresound Percussion Shure Monitoring systems Yorkville mixing boards MusicMan Accesories Parches personalizados para Bombo (Custom Heads) Jellydrum pads DX Drumbags J√§germeister Fireball whiskey & Eastern European women.