After 3 years, I, JT Harris, have YET to be found guilty of ANYTHING but it's finally OVER! The Courts have ruled in my favour and so has the Canadian Intellectual Property Office:

-Nov 2015 - Andy Narsingh was ordered to pay me over $22,000 in damages for SOCAN registrations he was NOT entitled to, Trademark/Copyright infringement including performing Heavens Fire songs under the band name "Heavens Fire" and his current band name "Honor First"

-Mar 2016 - "HEAVENS FIRE" trademark was awarded to me for registration by CIPO and the name dispute was officially over

-NOV 2016 -Andy Narsingh found guilty of breach, our agreement was completely thrown out and NO LONGER legally binding!!

-Sept 2017 - Andy Narsingh's and Billy McNicol's claim against me were both dismissed due to excessive delay and despite what they say, a trial has NEVER taken place yet alone a judge finding me guilty of ANYTHING....EVER!!

I’m very pleased to announce that the absolute RIDICULOUS accusations from ex-Heavens Fire bassist Andy Narsingh ( who's telling people I lied about EVER having cancer ) have been shot down by the courts! His claim against me was dismissed for DELAY as he failed to prove a single solitary accusation against me after 2 separate attempts; one under his name and one under his company’s name “HF Music" the he formed in 2014 with his life partner Billy McNicol.

What has to be the all time DUMBEST lawsuit in Canadian history was even referred too as “garbage” by the judge at the first settlement conference just proves how people can abuse the small claims court system in Ontario. Normally a lawsuit requires some kind of merit to exist which is why it sounds bad to find out someone is being sued…. but not in small claims court. There, you can start legal proceedings online without even presenting any evidence whatsoever and you will immediately get a claim number which is exactly what he did! Basically, he handed in our agreement, told the judge I breeched it and then asked for $25,000?? NO EVIDENCE??? WTF?? Andy then went and told everyone he could: “hey look, JT is being sued!" Andy even admitted to my singer in writing that he plans on “tying up” the Heavens Fire name in court for years? He contacted my friends, ex-girlfriends, a mutual friend of my current girlfriend in an attempt to get to her, band members, promotors, agents etc etc etc……in his quest to ruin me on a professional AND personal level. It got so bad that I had to get the Police involved to tell him to stay away. Jesus Christ dude, GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!

One day when I have time, I will tell the whole story about all the BS me, my girlfriend and the bands I play with including Heavens Fire went through with this insanely narcissistic parasite since his departure in 2014 but for now I’d like to point out one very important thing. For over 3 years, Andy was SCREAMIN’ as loud as he could to everyone and anyone that would listen about how he was ripped off………EXCEPT THE JUDGE????? WTF?? He had his day in court and refused to show up more than once!! He never even requested a trial for his claim.......A TRIAL HAS NEVER COMMENCED TO THIS DAY!!! In fact, he was a no-show to my claim against him TWICE, fined twice for a total of $450 for delaying proceedings and believe it not, breeched our agreement in just HOURS after signing it!! Regardless, in 2014 I consulted with 2 of the top law firms in the country and asked if I mistakenly gave him song rights or band name rights. If I did, I would have proceeded accordingly. After they both carefully reviewed all the evidence, they did not agree with Andy’s claim either and instructed me to continue business as usual without him which is what I did and continue to do.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office like the courts, also looked at all the evidence then awarded me the Heavens Fire trademark while rejecting Andy's applications. Despite his allegations, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverb Nation, Instagram and of course are ALL still under my control. He even claimed in an attempted interview on his band ironically named “Honor First” is actually the real Heavens Fire forced to use a different name due to my sabotage and trickery?? ........and that songs from the “Judgement Day” album belong to them? Sure!! I suppose I also tricked 38,000 new followers since his departure and attempted to sabotage the band by creating a new album too!!

Speaking of “Honor First” let’s make something perfectly clear. None of them wrote a single note, a single lyric nor invested a single penny into the creation of the Judgement Day album yet alone produce and arrange all the songs which I did as well so they have NO legal or moral right performing/selling the material as if it was their own and my legal team has reminded them of that today. What's REALLY pathetic is Andy even agreed in writing prior to joining my band that I can never be removed from Heavens Fire or replaced in anyway to insure that we had a clear understanding Heavens Fire could never exist without me and there could be NO dispute in the future over the name. Having said all that, it should have been clear to him as it is to all Heavens Fire fans that if we split, the band name and music would obviously continue with me and MY crew which is exactly what we did and have a brand new album we’re all very proud of that continues to build the brand “Heavens Fire." We have released 25 new songs in the past 4 years for Heavens Fire fans. Andy and “Honor First” on the other hand ……. still haven’t released a SINGLE track that I know of for their 400 followers.

Special thanks to everyone who stood behind me and believed in me through this ordeal. Speaking of, the music to the song "I Believe" was actually written on the same night Andy hired his 'jam band" to perform Heavens Fire material and claim to be the "real" Heavens Fire without me. They were quickly shut down by our lawyer and never performed as Heavens Fire again. Interesting.....if he had rights to the name and the material, how were we able to do that?